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Mendelssohn in Schotland and Wales

Zijn reis uit 1829 herbeleefd aan de hand van tekeningen, muziek en brieven

My long-awaited book and CD about Mendelssohn's trip to Scotland was presented to great interest in Theater Heerlen on January 19th! 

A copy is now available in my webshop! Unfortenately there is no English translation (yet).

The CD can also be listened to on all streaming platforms such as Spotify and iTunes.

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Photo Oxana Thijssen

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Mendelssohn and I as pencil artists

While Mendelssohn is generally known as a composer and his music is celebrated all over the world, few people know about his history as a pencil artist. Since I have always been interested in Mendelssohn as a composer, this inspired me and I immediately wanted to learn how to draw as well. I traced his footsteps throughout Scotland and took, just like he did, my sketchbook with me. I went after every place where he decided to make a drawing and made my own version of them, each time at the exact same spot.

The Limburg broadcaster L1 followed the process in the creation of my drawings, CD and book. The result is a beautiful documentary that premiered last January.


Foto Rolf Schins

About me as a pianist

I studied as a classical pianist at the Maastricht Conservatory with Jeroen Riemsdijk and at the Robert-Schumann-Hochschule in Düsseldorf with Paolo Giacometti.

I developed myself as a pianist looking for special stories that touch and surprise the audience, while also rediscovering forgotten composers such as N. Burgmüller, Voríšek, Wölfl and Fanny Mendelssohn.

The discovery of Felix Mendelssohn's drawing talent led me to my very first CD recording, which will take place at the end of June in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam.


Reconstruction of Mendelssohn's face

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